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Our Roots: The Foundation Of Our Success

In 2001, Jo-Anne Milne founded MEC Rewards. What started as a short term promotion for the electrical distribution industry has grown over the last 18 years into the preferred Loyalty Rewards Sales solution for our North American Electrical and Plumbing partners. Read our Case Study.

How We Work With Our Partners

Our grass-roots approach of listening to our partners and delivering on promises has enabled us to grow from a small family business into an industry-leading rewards solutions.

Our Rewards solution was adopted and rapidly grew our partners market share by 27%.

Our Experience in wholesale distribution, marketing, & rewards over the last 30 years has helped evolve our partners into the industry powerhouses they are today.

Our History

Over our 20 year history, we have Listened, partnered and delivered many successes across the multiple industries that we now work with and support.

Our partners recognize that we are the right choice for their business.

Electrical & Plumbing

Today 3 Billion Earned & 1.7 Billion Points Redeemed!

At the heart of our success is our responsive staff and their dedication to service and detail.  Our staff listens, understands the industry, manages program growth, often exceeding customer expectations.

We understand the distribution marketplace and continue to re-invest in the business.  As a result we have built a comprehensive integrated Sales and Marketing Loyalty Rewards solution that is considered a foundational piece for distributors.

Today, even though MEC Rewards has undergone tremendous growth, we still follow our grass roots approach.  Constant communications directly with the distributors who use the program for sales growth, customer retention, and to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their businesses.

If you’re looking for a sustainable, strategic advantage, reach out, we’d love to see if our custom Loyalty rewards program works for your business.

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